Multimedia Solutions

A premier motion media studio in the Midwest.

We’ve won a lot of bar bets with people trying to guess what Red Noise 6 means.  Here’s the long answer: It’s about accenting your brand, your personality, your project — through the resources of the Red Noise 6 team.

Red Noise 6 produces high-end multimedia productions through project management, video production, post-production, animation, distribution, webcasting, and more.

Whatever your concept, Red Noise 6 can bring your dream into digital reality.  Whether it’s a national broadcast commercial or a corporate event production, our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations as we usher your production from page, to screen, and on into the heart of your intended audience.  So work with us.  Watch us work.  And be amazed at what Red Noise 6 can bring to your vision.

  • The Red Noise 6 production crew sets up shop at a Barber Shop shoot.
  • A camera operator looks through the viewfinder into a living room scene, where a couch and fooseball table sit.
  • A Red Noise 6 production crew sets up lights in an airport in preparation for a video production.
  • Bright lights are assembled in a dark and shadowed space in preparation for video production.
  • Video production crew members assemble lighting equipment on a sidewalk shoot.
  • Video production experts view a scene through cameras of a man and young boy sitting on a curb.
  • A Red Noise 6 truck gets unloaded by a crew of video production employees.
  • A production crew works on a truck equipped with production equipment.
  • A spray of water rushes out of a firehouse and onto a tractor as part of a video production.
  • A commercial actor sits as makeup is applied by a crew member for a Red Noise 6 video production.
  • Video production headsets await usage by the HD and 4K video production crew.
  • Two Red Noise 6 employees gesture to make vision of a commercial scene.