Red Noise 6 offers a full suite of services: video editing, content creation, graphic design, animation, audio production, and more.

Our fully-loaded editing bays support up to 6k video editing.  Adobe Premiere and Creative Suite, Avid Media Composer, and Final Cut Pro work stations with After Effects, along with many post-production plugins, help power our award-winning productions.

The Red Noise 6 team includes experienced writers, editors, graphic designers, animators, and audio engineers.  It’s all available for your project.



Our post house services exceed expectations.


Have a complicated industrial product that you need to simplify visually? Animate it.
Want a unique commercial for TV or Internet? Animate it.
Want to bring your logo to life? Animate it!

Animation provides enormous creative opportunities.  We will take a CAD file and animate it into moving images or stills.  Or use any parameter — a picture, a product, any item — and we can bring it to life!

Red Noise 6 can create 360-degree virtual tours, commercial animation and editing, kinetic animation, character modeling and many more visual effects.  We can tell a story with 2D or 3D characters or make your text jump off the screen.  We can composite and give it style using After Effects, Lightwave and Cinema 4D.

If you can dream it, we can animate it.

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