Meet The Team

Adam Carney
Adam CarneyMotion Media Director
In addition to being the owner of Red Noise 6, he enjoys meeting with clients to help shape their message to meet their goals. As a producer, he is always enthusiastic when it comes to the challenge of working out budget constraints and morphing limits into creative strengths. In his spare time, you’ll probably find him at the lake, thinking about your project – and playing with his daughter.
Andy Erickson
Andy EricksonBusiness Development
Andy has earned two degrees, an A.S. in Film & TV Production and a B.S. in Entertainment Business at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida. He has worked across the country on various productions for national television series, feature films, national sporting events, and corporate production for Fortune 500 companies. Andy enjoys working with clients to capture their personality through video production in original ways.
Lisa Buer
Lisa BuerProducer
Lisa has worked in video production since her first internship in high school at a local network affiliate in Des Moines. She spent seven years in Chicago and New York City, dividing her time between working in and studying the industry. You’ll likely find her at a live concert around town or on a travel adventure when she is not working.
Brian Johnson
Brian JohnsonSenior Editor - Adobe Creative Suite, Avid
Johnson has worked extensively in film, video and sound editing for over 20 years. Starting at Ogilvy & Mather, he then switched to Avenue Edit Inc., where he worked as a post-production supervisor for many national leading corporations. Later, he joined the advertising agency Foote, Cone & Belding (now Draftfcb). In 2007, the Johnson clan moved to Iowa and is proud to call Des Moines home. In his spare time, he likes making and playing cigar box ukuleles.
Brian Pettinger
Brian PettingerEditor - Adobe Premiere, Final Cut
Brian Pettinger walks these streets,
a loaded six-string on his back.
He plays for keeps ’cause
he might not make it back.
He’s been everywhere, still,
he’s standing tall.
He’s seen a million faces,
and he’s rocked them all.
Gavin Wigg
Gavin WiggAnimation Editor - Motion Graphics, 3D Modeling
Our After Effects and animation guru creates motion graphics in 2D and 3D and lives to make things move well on the screen. He is married with 3 kids and a dog. His favorite foods are pizza and sushi, sometimes even in the same meal, and you might find him playing blues trumpet or sketching.
Cinnamon Rost
Cinnamon RostGraphic Designer
She assists clients with their graphic design needs. This could be anything from creating a visual look for your campaign to manipulating your designs into multiple distribution formats. In her spare time, you might find her gardening, reading, baking sugar cookies, or spending time with her husband at 515 Brewing Company.
Mindy Olson
Mindy OlsonAccounting and Media Distribution
All the TV and online spots are placed by Mindy and she ensures shoots have everything in place ahead of time. She excels at keeping the office in order and is invaluable to our team. She loves spending time with her son and daughter, especially when they can go camping at a local park in nice weather.